This is a flow yoga class for new mothers to recover and restore after birth and in the first four to six months postpartum. It is the ideal first class for new mothers to begin physical activity after birth.

It does not matter how long postpartum – this class is also appropriate for mothers of older babies/ children who have been diagnosed with diastasis recti or those with pelvic floor dysfunction e.g. incontinence (leaking when sneezing, coughing or jumping), low back pain or prolapse.

Pregnant mothers are also welcome to come learn the building blocks for a better recovery postpartum.

Poses will help mom recover and reconnect to the core and address changes in the pelvic floor, slowly rebuilding strength and flexibility as well as soothing muscles from nursing and caring for baby. You will learn breathing exercises, work on releasing and opening in the body, and learn self-massage techniques – the focus is on YOU and self-care.

The following will be covered through a progressive flow yoga sequence:
– Understanding core and pelvic floor dysfunction
– Breath and pelvic floor awareness
– Core awareness and strengthening
– Movements and poses to avoid
– Appropriate modifications of poses, including use of props
– Self-massage techniques

Whilst babies are welcome, the focus will be on yoga for moms, and baby yoga or partner yoga poses may not be included. Babies from 6 weeks and not actively crawling are welcomed. Previous yoga experience is not necessary.

If you are interested in an energizing and interactive mom and baby yoga class, please check out the Yoga for Mom and Baby class.

What you need

Bring a yoga mat, water, blanket and quiet toys for baby.

Please also read the FAQ for any other questions you may have!

Location & Time

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Check the class calendar to join  a class. If class times do not work for you, please consider private sessions in your home, either for your family alone or a circle of friends. Contact me to discuss details.

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