Parents will practice yoga amidst sensory play for the babies, or babies are welcome to freely explore the room.

There will be partner poses, movement, play and song – the class is flexible and will allow babies to join in the yoga practice when/if they feel comfortable. This is a great way to deepen your parent/child relationship, build balance and coordination, improve body and breath awareness and range of motion.

For the baby focused part of the class, your participation is required to encourage your baby to learn and grow. Songs and music will be used to encourage them to learn in a fun environment.

Class Overview

The class will start around a parachute with the babies in the middle. Parents will practice whilst the babies engage in sensory play – the theme and items will vary from week to week (balls, blocks, instruments, etc). Parents will then lead their babies through a short yoga sequence, exploring songs, rhymes and/or stories. The class will close with parachute play followed by relaxation or quiet play.

A class for mobile ‘graduates’ of the Yoga for Mom and Baby class – this is for parents with actively crawling to walking babies, typically 9 months to 2 years old.

What you need

Bring a yoga mat, water, blanket and if you’d like, bring shareable toys for baby.

Location & Time

Upcoming Classes

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Check my class schedule to join  a class. If class times do not work for you, please consider private sessions in your home, either for your family alone or a circle of friends. Contact me to discuss details.

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