Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is for all body types, ages and levels of fitness and flexibility. Remember, each practice is a different experience. Some times the focus will be on alignment, other times on physical strength or flexibility, and some times even on mental discipline. It can be challenging – either physically or emotionally – to move through your boundaries and empower yourself both on and off the mat.

Ultimately, the goal is to help you reconnect the mind with the body.

Generally speaking, I teach the types and styles of classes described below.

  • Styles of regular “adult” classes
    • Hatha Flow
    • Vinyasa Flow
  • Specialty Classes
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Postnatal Yoga
    • Yoga for Mom and Baby
    • Yoga for Parent and Tot
    • Family Yoga
    • Kids Yoga


Style of Yoga Classes

 Hatha Flow Yoga

A flow practice that entails linking postures in flows of movement incorporating two or more asanas. The practice will vary from week to week, as the sequence is created by drawing poses from the different asana categories. Poses flow from one to the next, typically going through a sequence on one side of the body, before repeating on the other side.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Similar to Hatha Flow, this is an active flowing class designed to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility while synchronizing the breath to movement.

Specialty Family-focused Classes

Prenatal Yoga

A class for mothers-to-be to prepare the body and mind for birth and at the same time relieve the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Mothers will practice poses that emphasize focus and build strength and stamina in preparation for labour. Mothers will also cultivate breathing and relaxation techniques that help calm the mind.

Ideal for moms in second and third trimester, the focus is on opening and strengthening in preparation for labour.

Postnatal Yoga

This is an gentle flow yoga class for new mothers to recover and restore after birth and up to the first three months postpartum. This class is also appropriate for women diagnosed with diastasis recti.

Poses will help mom recover and reconnect to the core and address changes in the pelvic floor, slowly rebuilding strength and flexibility as well as soothing muscles from nursing and caring for baby. It is the ideal first class for new mothers to begin physical activity after birth.

Whilst babies are welcome, the focus will be on yoga for moms, and baby yoga or partner yoga poses may not be included.

Yoga for Mom and Baby

This is an interactive and energizing flow yoga class for new mothers to share quality time with their babies. It is a supportive group for mothers to practice yoga and the ideal way for them to begin activity after birth.

Mothers will experience flowing and challenging postures, as well as calming restorative time in a playful and safe environment for babies.

Poses will help mom refocus, regain strength and flexibility and soothe muscles from nursing and holding baby. Learn Baby Yoga poses to strengthen growing muscles, aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns, and help your baby towards their next stage of development.

Parent and Tot Yoga

Parents will practice yoga amidst fun sensory play for actively crawling babies, up to the age of 3. Partner poses, movement, play and song – the class is flexible and will allow babies to join in the yoga practice when they feel comfortable. This is a great way to deepen the parent/child relationship, build balance and coordination, improve body and breath awareness, range of motion and imagination.

Kids Yoga

Yoga for kids age 3-5 years or 6-9 years old.

Yoga has many great benefits for kids – it helps them regulate emotions, find focus, learn relaxation and creates self-awareness. It also promotes connectivity and self-esteem in a safe and non-competitive environment. Physically it can help them with their balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

Kids classes are themed. Each class will begin with an introduction to the theme, breath-work and warm-up with sun salutations. The children will learn various individual and partner postures, followed by fun yoga-inspired games that promote creativity, mindfulness and learning to follow intuition. The class will conclude with meditation and relaxation in a friendship circle.

Family Yoga

A playful class for all ages and abilities. Take time out as a family to bond and nurture your mind, body and spirit. This is an opportunity to share the joy of yoga with your partner/ spouse, child, sibling or parent.

No two classes are the same! Practice individual and partner poses, group poses and enjoy fun, interactive yoga games, before easing into some relaxation and rest.


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