Connect with your baby through nurturing touch.  Infant massage helps baby sleep better, relaxes and soothes, aids digestion, contributes to development, encourages bonding & improves communication.

This is an intimate massage and yoga class for pre-mobile babies (recommended age 4 weeks to 5 months old). Available in four week sessions (once a week for 45 minutes), or a longer one hour workshop format.



Touch is your little one’s first form of communication and it is important for healthy mental and physical development. Observant touch through massage can promote your baby’s well-being while increasing your ability to respond to his or her needs.

Bond with your Baby

Build a unique and close attachment between you and your baby. Reinforce the trust between parent and child and provide a strong foundation for your relationship for years to come.

Benefits for baby

– Brain and central nervous system development
– Stimulate digestive and immune systems
– Create mind and body awareness
– Parent bonding and communication
– Improve sleep patterns
– Increase flexibility and muscle tone
– Improve blood circulation
– Reduce stress hormones



Session Overview

Each session (class) starts with a welcoming song, breathing and centering. We then flow into massage time followed by baby yoga. The class concludes with vocalizations to calm and settle the babies.

There is time afterward to feed, change and get the babies ready to go. This is also a great opportunity to get to know parents with babies the same age, and to share tips and experiences.

Series or Workshop?

(1) Series Overview

A four week series, meeting once a week for 45 minutes. This allows time for parents to familiarize themselves with the techniques, and for the babies to absorb the new stimuli. Babies will always direct the flow of the class, there is never a need to “shush” your baby during a session.

– Week 1: Chest and belly
– Week 2: Arms and hands
– Week 3: Legs and feet
– Week 4: Back and face

Each week the teacher will review previous techniques learned. If you miss a week, you may be able to make up the specific class at the following series, and the teacher will be able to give you the handout.

(2) Workshop Overview

A one hour session encompassing most of the massage techniques and areas covered in the weekly sessions. The workshop will have less discussion and more hands-on work, and as babies typically become grizzly during longer sessions, parents may use dolls to practice on if their babies are sleeping or fussy.

–  Quick Intro and Fundamentals
–  Full body massage, from head to toe
– Baby Yoga
– Vocalizations

This is also a wonderful opportunity for parents who have completed the four week series and would like to review techniques or learn how to put together the techniques in a full body massage.

Note: There are no makeups for missed workshops.

What you need

– Bring a towel and a blanket for baby
– Dress baby in clothing with easy access for skin-to-skin interaction
– A small bottle of massage oil will be provided

Location & Time

Upcoming Classes

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Check my class schedule to join  a session. If class times do not work for you, please consider private sessions in your home, either for your family alone or a circle of friends. Contact me to discuss details.

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