Yoga for Mom and Baby

Are there any restrictions for mom’s participation?

It is a good idea for you to also confirm your readiness to start a physical routine – talk with your healthcare provider at your 6-week postpartum checkup.

If you delivered by caesarean section, you may want to wait until you are comfortable that your surgical incision has healed completely, and you are able to lift up your baby with ease. This may be 8 weeks or more postpartum.

If you have any medical conditions, please inform your teacher as soon as possible, preferably in advance of the class.

Are there are any restrictions for baby’s participation?

For baby, it is recommended not to practice for 2 days after any immunizations, though use your discretion in terms of baby’s temperament. If baby seems extra fussy, then perhaps skip the class. You know your baby best.

Can I bring my baby who is crawling?

The class is for pre-mobile babies from 6 weeks old who are not actively crawling.
Crawlers and early walkers are welcome, but you might find it frustrating to chase baby around the room and be unable to focus on your practice.

Can I wear my baby/ bring my baby carrier?

A baby carrier is not necessary and the teacher will not provide any direction for using your carrier, or how to practice while wearing your baby.

If you are comfortable wearing your baby, you may certainly do so and attempt to participate in the class – your practice will, however, be restricted – without direction from the teacher.

You may, of course, use your carrier to soothe and settle your baby if this is a regular part of your routine.

How old should my baby be to join the Yoga for Mom and Baby class?

Babies from 6 weeks and not actively crawling are welcomed – the ideal age for participation is 2-10 months old, though this really depends on each individual baby.

I have never practised yoga before, can I still join?

No yoga experience is required, but it is helpful. The teacher will always provide alternatives if required.

Please be patient with yourself, and do not feel that you need to progress deeper into every pose.

You may also want to familiarize yourself with Yoga Etiquette and read through some General Guidelines for practicing yoga.

What do I do when I arrive for class?

Please sign in on arrival.

Once entering the room, please set up your mat and place your belongings where they won’t interfere with others, or block anyone’s sightline.
Please maintain quiet as much as you can prior to class. If you do wish to chat, please move out of the practice room (e.g. to the lobby/ reception area) to talk quietly, however please be mindful of other classes that may be going on.

What do I do with my car seat/ diaper bag/ etc?

You can bring everything you need into the practice room – you can either leave your belongings around the edges of the room or next to your mat, provided it doesn’t interfere with others around you.

If you do not need your car seat, there may be space to leave it outside the practice room. Where the class is full or mostly full, it is preferable not to have car seats in the room so that everyone has a clear line of sight.

What do I need to bring to class?

Bring a yoga mat and water for yourself, blanket and quiet toys for baby.
If you do not have a mat, or forget yours, you may be able to rent one – please check with the location of the class.

Bring anything else you would ordinarily bring for your baby in your diaper bag.

What do I wear to class?

Yoga is practiced in bare feet – please remove your socks.
Wear activewear/ workout clothing, anything comfortable to move in but nothing too baggy.

What do the babies do during the class?

The teacher will show you how your baby can be included in the practice where possible. If not, they will lie on the floor on or next to your mat, or in their car seat. If they are sleeping, leave them be and focus on your own practice.
If your baby is somewhat mobile (starting to crawl, or shuffling around), there are some toys available for them to play with, but feel free to bring your own quiet toys to keep your baby occupied.

What if either I or my baby are sick?

If you or your baby are sick, please stay at home and rest and recover. Please let the teacher know that you are unable to make it prior to the start of the class.

If applicable, it is your responsibility to contact the teacher to schedule/ register for a make-up class – not all sessions are eligible for make-ups.

Please review our Policies regarding make-ups.

What if I am running late to class?

We understand that getting around with a baby can sometimes be challenging. If you are running late, please enter the room quietly to get set up, then join in when you’re ready.

What if I need to feed or change my baby?

During the class, you may stop to change, feed or soothe baby and rejoin the practice when it is possible and comfortable to do so.
You can change baby on your yoga mat, or in the change rooms, but note that there are typically no change tables available.
Please don’t leave dirty diapers at the studio – take them home to place in your Green Bin.
If you are feeding your baby and spill on the floor, please clean up with a baby wipe, or notify the teacher or a staff member at the studio so they can provide cleaning supplies.

What if my baby cries, fusses or needs feeding or changing?

If your baby needs feeding, changing or if they are unsettled, tend to them and you can just join back in when you are both ready. All parents are in the same situation and understand that babies don’t always work to a schedule, even if we want them to.

What if my baby is fussy/ cries/ screams?

Some fussing from babies is expected. You can soothe baby and rejoin as soon as they have settled down sufficiently.
If you feel your baby is really disturbing the class, you may leave the practice room to walk him/ her around, rejoining once s/he has settled or fallen asleep.
Don’t worry about crying/ fussing/ screaming – it happens all the time (especially the first class!). We’re all moms, we understand!

What if my baby sleeps through the entire class?

Lucky you, you get a dedicated yoga practice 🙂
Where possible, the teacher will give you alternatives for baby partner poses.
During the baby yoga portion, observe so that you can try it at home with your baby. Sometimes the teacher may provide alternative poses for mothers who are not working with their babies to practice.

What is a typical Yoga for Mom and Baby class like?

The class will start with a practice for mom, incorporating and partnering with baby where possible or necessary. Moms will then give their babies a little massage before leading them through a short baby yoga sequence. During the class, moms may stop to feed or soothe baby and rejoin the practice when it is possible and comfortable to do so. The class will close with vocalizations and relaxation.

When is my baby too old or active to join the class?

When to stop coming to class is at your discretion – as long as your baby does not distract/ interfere with others in the room.
Moms who have been coming to the class for a while may continue when their babies crawl since they know what the class is like, and the babies are also familiar/ comfortable with the routine.
Usually moms stop coming once their baby is constantly wandering off and they can no longer participate in most of the class.

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