Massage and Yoga for Baby

Can dads/ hubbies join the sessions?

We prefer to host a breastfeeding-friendly environment i.e. moms should feel comfortable nursing on demand without the need to cover up. If you are breastfeeding and would prefer not to have dads/ husbands in attendance, please let us know so that we can relay this to the group before the sessions begin.

If your husband is interested in learning infant massage or baby yoga, please consider a private series or workshop in your home, perhaps with a circle of friends. Note that handouts are given at the end of each session – moms may use these to teach dads what they learnt that week. This is a good refresher for moms and a great parenting bonding exercise!

How is the class set up?

We will be sitting on the floor for most of the session, typically in a circle. If you find sitting on the floor uncomfortable, please inform the teacher as soon as possible before the first session, so that alternatives can be set up and provided.

My baby has just fed, can I still massage him/her?

It is advised that a baby’s belly is not massaged within approx 45 minutes of a big feed. Some babies may need feeding before/during the session which is fine, but you will need to leave the belly strokes until another time, or practice on a doll. The rest of the body can still be massaged.

What do I and my baby need to wear?

Please dress in comfortable clothes, which is probably not a skirt as we will be sitting on the floor for most of the session.

Dress baby in clothes with easy access to undress and re-dress them.

What do I do with my car seat/ diaper bag/ etc?

You can bring everything you need into the practice room – you can either leave your belongings around the edges of the room or next to your mat, provided it doesn’t interfere with others around you.

If you do not need your car seat, there may be space to leave it outside the practice room. Where the class is full or mostly full, it is preferable not to have car seats in the room so that everyone has a clear line of sight.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring in your baby, baby essentials and car seat if necessary.

Please bring a towel/ blanket to lay baby on AND a blanket to cover baby.

What does the cost include?

You will be given a printed handout with the massage strokes learned each session, and you will also be given a small bottle of massage oil.

What if either I or my baby are sick?

If you or your baby are sick, please stay at home and rest and recover. Please let the teacher know that you are unable to make it prior to the start of the class.

If applicable, it is your responsibility to contact the teacher to schedule/ register for a make-up class – not all sessions are eligible for make-ups.

Please review our Policies regarding make-ups.

What if I am running late to class?

We understand that getting around with a baby can sometimes be challenging. If you are running late, please enter the room quietly to get set up, then join in when you’re ready.

What if my baby cries, fusses or needs feeding or changing?

If your baby needs feeding, changing or if they are unsettled, tend to them and you can just join back in when you are both ready. All parents are in the same situation and understand that babies don’t always work to a schedule, even if we want them to.

What if my baby is asleep when I arrive, or falls asleep during the session?

If your baby is asleep when you arrive please feel free to leave them in the car seat whilst we chat. Then if/when you are happy to do so you can wake them and begin the massage strokes.

Please remember the strokes you learn during the sessions are only a part of the process, the more you practice at home the more you will start to see the benefits. Therefore if one week you don’t get to do much massage you will still have learned the strokes and you can put in the practice at home. The teacher will always try to bring a spare demo doll with them if you need to use it.

What is a typical class like?

At the first session, we will spend a few minutes getting to know each other.

At the subsequent sessions we will start with a round the room to review how the week has gone and sharing feedback on the massage techniques practiced.

During the series your teacher will also give you lots of other information – about the massage oil used as well an overview of the benefits of Baby Massage.

What oil should I use to massage my baby?

Use a food-grade, cold-pressed, organic, natural oil. Good choices are grapeseed oil, safflower oil, almond oil, olive oil.

Always test a small amount on the inside of baby’s wrist before putting on his/ her body the first time you use new oil.

When should I not massage my baby?

Do not massage your baby for 24 hours after immunizations.

Do not massage on broken or bruised skin, when they are hungry or for about 30 mins after a feed.

Stop if they are not enjoying it and do not start massaging when they are asleep.


Why is it a series of classes rather than one long session?

We meet weekly for four weeks. Each session is approximately 45 minutes long and you will learn massage strokes for a different part of the body. We also recap on the strokes learned in previous sessions to ensure that you feel confident in how to do it. This way you slowly build up your knowledge in a way that is gentle for the baby.

Our aim is that once you and your baby have completed the course, you come away feeling relaxed, confident and with a new skill which will last you a lifetime.

Why is my baby fussy when I try to massage him/ her at home?

Check your environment – firstly ensure that you have a relaxing environment to massage your baby. Choose a room which is warm and draft-free, you can sit on the floor or a bed with your baby in front of you (ensure they are safe and cannot roll off). You might choose to put on some music, to relax yourself but also your baby will learn to associate the music with massage time.

Make sure your hands are warm and clean.

Will the teacher massage or touch my baby?

You will massage your own baby. The teacher will use a doll to demonstrate and talk participants through the movements.

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