Car Seat Appointment

How long is a typical seat check appointment?

Minimum 45 minutes, averaging 1 hour appointment. If there are multiple seats, please allow additional time for each seat. Please come prepared to learn, and to install your seat yourself.

Should I bring my child with to a car seat appointment?

If possible, bring your child, and have their current height and weight information on hand. You may find it helpful to bring another responsible adult to assist in supervising them.

I know this is not always possible or easy – so if your child will not be attending the appointment, it is helpful to have a photo of them sitting in the seat, clearly showing the harness fit from the front (i.e. face and shoulders forward, facing the camera).

What if I’m still pregnant and baby hasn’t been born yet?

If your baby is not yet born, set up a prenatal appointment about a month before baby is due.

I will review not only installation of your seat, but also how to properly secure your child in the seat and briefly discuss best practices for car seat use.

What is a typical seat check appointment like?

Our appointment will start with some paperwork – you will be required to read and sign a waiver, and provide your name and contact information.

The vehicle and car seat information will be noted, along with various other information regarding the child using the seat, and best practices for child passenger safety.

I will then review your installation, if applicable, and then install it myself, talking you through the process.

I will then uninstall the car seat and have you install it yourself.

To finish off, we will both sign off on the seat check form – you will also receive a copy of this.


Read this article from Car Seats For The Littles for a detailed description of what to expect during our appointment.

What other information should I have available?

It is helpful to send a photograph of the sticker on your car seat prior to our appointment.

It is usually on the back of the seat, possibly on the inside side or even under the cover. Check your manual for the exact location.

This is what it may look like:

Car Seat sticker

What should I bring to a car seat appointment?

Please bring the manuals for both your vehicle and car seat(s) in case we need to refer to them to confirm any points of the car seat installation.

If you do not have either of these, please let me know beforehand, so that I can try source them prior to our appointment. You can also search online on the manufacturer website, or contact the manufacturer to request a copy.

Why do I need to learn how to install the car seat?

You never know when you may need to remove your car seat – you should not have to rely on someone else to reinstall your car seat.

  • Perhaps you need to transport large objects.
  • You may have additional visitors who need to ride in your vehicle.
  • You might need to have a grandparent or friend temporarily drive your child.
  • Your mechanic may need to uninstall your car seat in order to service or repair your vehicle.
  • Let’s face it, kids are messy and there are potty ‘accidents’, so inevitably you’ll need to clean the car seat. It is also a good idea to routinely clean out any crumbs, as these may pose a hazard and prevent your car seat from performing as it should. It is a common issue for crumbs and dirt in the buckles to cause problems.
  • If your particular car seat does not have a no-rethread harness, then you will have to uninstall the seat each time you want to adjust the harness for when your child outgrows the slot they are using.
  • You should know the basics of how your car seat should be installed if you plan on traveling with your car seat in friend’s cars, taxis, rental cars and aircraft. Do not rely on friends, cab drivers and rental company employees to know how to properly install your car seat.
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